You Won’t Need To Boil Water To Make Pasta Ever Again!

How To by Julia Lynn Rubin on 09/12/2017

While most of us wait for the water to boil before cooking our pasta, chef Harold McGee, author of Keys to Good Cooking, has discovered a new method that eliminates that tiresome step altogether and saves you time, energy, and water.

All you need is a handful of dry pasta, a quart and a half or so of cold water, and a skillet (or frying pan). First, add your handful of pasta to the pan. Then pour cold water over it, so it won’t stick to the bottom of the pan. As you turn on the heat and stir the pasta in the pan, it will cook and become nice and tender, plus you’ll get a thickened liquid perfect for making sauces.

This easy hack can spare you that awful hazard of boiling water accidentally splashing onto you as you drop dry pasta into the pot, plus, it saves tons of time.

Source: YouTube
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