Woman Abandoned By Husband Just Before Giving Birth, Gets A Life-Changing Surprise In An Oven

Life by Melissa Castellanos on 09/12/2017

When Amanda of Sydney, Australia was a little girl, she dreamt of meeting the love of her life, settling down in a beautiful new home and having a baby – just like many others who want the fairy-tale. Yet reality swept in and while she found her man, she was struggling for three years to get pregnant.

The couple had saved up for two years to purchase and renovate the house of their dreams and they were finally getting settled into it.  Amanda was over the moon, but she was also blissfully unaware that her husband was selfishly having an affair. Life as she knew it came crashing down on her when he told her he was leaving her.

Completely heartbroken and eight months pregnant with no income and a huge debt looming over her, Amanda didn’t know where to turn. Then thankfully her friend, Anna, came to her aid and wrote to the local radio station KIIS 1065 to feature her in its “Giveback” segment. Watch her reaction to their generosity – especially when they open her oven door!

Source: YouTube
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