Want to Live Longer? Read a Book Regularly as it Prolongs Your Life by up to Two Years

Life by Melissa Castellanos on 08/11/2017

If you’ve ever made fun of “book worms,” well they are having the last laugh – literally. A new study had shown that those who read on a daily basis will live longer! According to new study in the journal of Social Science and Medicine, those who regularly “indulge in novel perusing” add years to their lives.

The long-term study took a look at 3,635 daily readers, who read for more than 3.5 hours per week on average. The research, which lasted 12 years, divided their subjects into three groups: those who didn’t read at all, those who read for 3.5 hours per week or less, and those who read for more than 3.5 hours per week, IFL Science reports.

The book readers, rather then newspaper and magazine readers, appeared to have a “survival advantage.” The study relates to cognitive enhancement, and not any other factors, such as “age, sex, education, race, health, wealth, marital status, and depressive tendencies.”

Source: YouTube

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