‘Rub My Belly!’ Baby Deer Saved by Worker Gets Spoiled Rotten and Refuses to be Put Down on Ground

Animals by Melissa Castellanos on 11/13/2017

Justin Lewis and his co-workers were clearing a path for electric lines when they encountered an adorable fawn that was trapped along the same pathway of a tree that they were about to trim. The poor little fella became tangled in some thorns and was “pretty shaken up” after he was cut loose, Lewis explained in the video’s caption on YouTube.

To calm the nervous baby down, the lineman cradled it and began to rub its belly to comfort it, which apparently worked extraordinarily well – almost too well! The baby deer loved the affection and attention so much so that he didn’t want the lineman to stop and put him down!

The lineman cradled the baby deer in his arms and each time he attempted to put him down, he hysterically cried out. “He followed us around the job site like a lost puppy for about an hour until I noticed a doe watching us from the hillside,” Lewis added. “Assuming this was his mother, I carried him about halfway up the hill while she watched attentively. I sat him down, he ran straight to her, and they walked off together.”

Source: YouTube
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