Quick-Thinking Bus Driver Sees 5-Year-Old Passenger Choking on a Penny, What She Does Next Is Amazing…

Parenting by Melissa Castellanos on 09/12/2017

Being a bus driver comes with a lot of hefty responsibilities, including passengers trusting you with their lives on a daily basis. One school bus driver makes sure that all of her young students get from point A to point B safely and on time, keeps an eye on their behavior, and in her case, performs the Heimlich maneuver to save the life of a 5-year-old!

This quick-thinking school bus driver is being hailed a hero for saving the 5-year-old, who was choking on a penny while riding the school bus. Her worst fear came true when she glanced back at the children to make sure they were OK and one of the children alerted her that his friend was choking.

In disbelief at first, she yelled, “Are you serious?” Then the adrenaline took over and she quickly pulled the bus over and performed the Heimlich maneuver until she cleared the boy’s airway. Then she comforted the frightened little boy and made sure that he was alright. Amazing job!

Source: YouTube
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