Pup and Toddler’s Footprints Reveal ‘Paternal Pooch’ Didn’t Leave Missing Boy’s Side Until He Was Found

by Melissa Castellanos Published Oct 11, 2017

A paw print and the footprint of a toddler can solve a mystery. The case of a missing autistic child was solved thanks to his loyal, “paternal pooch” that never left the young boy’s side until he was found. On Tuesday, William Odom, 2, of Saucier, Missouri went missing from his home and the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department and the neighborhood formed a search party.

As they combed the area, a young boy found William sleeping in a truck about a quarter-mile from his home. Police realized that they toddler wasn’t traveling alone, but had a furry companion. “Every time we found his footprint, we found the [family] dog footprint right beside him. So the dog traveled with him all day,” Harrison County Sheriff Troy Peterson explained. “When the little boy was found the dog was still circling the truck and scratching on the truck.”

Thankfully, the toddler was reunited with his family and authorities believe that he had wandered off on his own. “It’s an amazing story. We’re very thankful that he is in good health. And we brought him home to his family,” Peterson added.



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