Pretty Girl About to Undergo Chemo Has Hairdresser Chop her Lucious Locks, but Her Transformation, Bravery Stuns

by Melissa Castellanos Published Oct 10, 2017

When a beautiful young woman named Laura walked into a fancy New York hair salon, she wasn’t just looking for a stylish haircut, but she was also preparing for chemotherapy. While it must have been tough to chop off her shiny, luscious locks, she embraced her condition and accepted that she would eventually experience hair loss on a bigger scale. Her transformation after her amazing haircut is stunning and so empowering!

Thanks to Jerome Lordet of Pierre Michel Salon, he perfected Laura’s fierce haircut and made her feel ready to conquer her cancer diagnosis. Jerome chopped off more than a foot of hair from Laura’s long brown hair and layered it. While shocking at first, Laura looked absolutely fabulous!

The salon wasn’t done with pampering Laura after her fresh new haircut, so Katherine, one of the salon’s best make-up artists, also did her make-up. Laura was so moved by the salon’s generosity during her difficult time. Watch Laura’s incredible transformation…



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