Parents Bully Their Son’s Girlfriend For Being Plus-Size, But These Onlookers Fire Back In Her Defense!

by Julia Lynn Rubin Published Oct 11, 2017

An emotional new episode of What Would You Do? poses the question: what would you do if your parents met your girlfriend for the first time and instantly started bullying her for her weight?

In this staged segment, the actors play out a highly uncomfortable scenario at a local diner as outraged patrons look on. “This is your girlfriend?” the actor who plays the father asks, clearly disgusted by the woman’s size. “I would have never put you two together,” the actress who plays the mom adds. They continue to harass the girlfriend to the point of tears. Luckily, several restaurant customers are upset enough to intervene.

One man flat-out tells the mother to leave the restaurant, while another one comforts the clearly distraught girlfriend. In another round of the skit, a woman tells the parents they’re being rude and close-minded. It’s nice to know there’s still good people left in the world.


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