News Reporter Saves Two Dolphins Stranded on Florida Beach While Covering Hurricane Irma

News by Melissa Castellanos on 09/12/2017

NBC’s Kerry Sanders can add dolphin rescuer to his already stellar resume! While the news reporter was covering Hurricane Irma, he had a chance to be hands-on in the recovery effort by helping to rescue not one, but two beached dolphins – possibly the mama and her baby!

While Sanders was combing Florida’s Gulf Coast beaches, he helped a man who found a baby dolphin that had washed ashore on the beach of Marco Island. While Hurricane Irma reportedly brought storm surges of 4 feet and higher, it was nowhere near the level of destruction of Hurricane Harvey, but it did wash wildlife onto Florida beaches.

The man had picked up the poor, beached baby dolphin from a sidewalk and brought it to the beach. He wrapped it in a blanket and was making his way back to the beach when Sanders stumbled upon them. Then shortly after and further down the beach, Sanders helped a stranded adult dolphin return back to the ocean. “I could feel it with my hand — the heart was just racing in that big one,” Sanders recalled.

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