Mother Accused of Child Abuse After A Video Of Her Baby Daughter’s Ear Piercing Goes Viral

by Julia Lynn Rubin Published Jul 14, 2017

One mother was met with a firestorm of online outrage after sharing a video of her baby daughter getting her ears pierced. While some families prefer to pierce their children’s ears early on, others leave it up to their kids to decide when and if they want a piercing.

The video in question is difficult to watch, as the otherwise calm and happy baby girl begins to cry out in pain and shock for minutes after the piercing gun goes through her earlobes. On-lookers applaud and cheers her on while her mother offers her some much-needed comfort.

While she appears to have been pierced by professionals, that didn’t stop online commenters from weighing in on the mom’s decision to pierce her baby’s ears. Over 12,000 people on Facebook responded to the viral video, many calling it “abusive” and unnecessarily stressful for the baby. Others questioned the morality of piercing a baby’s ears at all.

(H/T: Unilad)



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