Montréal Marvel: New Ice Age Cave System Is Discovered Beneath City Streets

Life by Melissa Castellanos on 12/06/2017

Montréal is a thriving city that’s rich in culture and delicious cuisine, and as it turns out its “subterranean secret” deep below the city’s streets is even more fascinating! A pair of adventurous cavers in Montréal have discovered a spectacular system of caverns and tunnels beneath the city that were created during the Ice Age.

Today the Pie-XII Park in central Montréal has an entrance way for the St. Léonard cave where locals and tourists alike can explore, but a hidden section has recently been discovered that has mesmerized speleologists. In October, the two cavers, Daniel Caron and Luc Le Blanc, reportedly “discovered an entirely new network of shafts and tunnels that reached almost 213 meters (700 feet) deep into the rock,” IFLScience reports.

Back in 2014, the duo had suspected that there were new caves when they came across a narrow opening in one of the hollows of the rock. North American cave systems are believed to have formed “when the great ice sheet that once stretched across much of North America eventually retreated around 12,000 years ago,” The recession of the glaciers and the formation of fissures in the ground below led to the present-day cave system hidden under Montréal.

Source: YouTube
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