Monkey Stolen from his Mom, Shackled and Forced to Entertain Tourists Is Finally Freed

Animals by Melissa Castellanos on 08/10/2017

When tourists encounter “Dancing” Monkeys,” (also known as “topeng monyet”) that wear hats, ride bikes and don masks and costumes in Jakarta, Indonesia, they should think twice when supporting their acts. While it seems cute and all, there’s a lot of cruelty and abuse that accompanies the so-called “humor and talent.”

According to the Animal Rescue Site, in Jakarta, Indonesia, monkeys are chained up and forced to walk on stilts and perform tricks on the streets. Among these poor little animals is Dodo, but luckily he has a happy ending. After a lifetime of abuse and entertaining, Dodo’s chains were cut and he was finally freed.

Dodo is among a majority of monkeys – 3,000 macaques a year to be exact- that are taken, abused, and forced onto the streets, the Jakarta Animal Aid Network reports. To add to the heartbreak, a majority of these monkeys were ripped from their natural habitats and stolen from their moms. Find out more on how you can stop the monkeys from “dancing” and a life of cruelty…

Source: YouTube

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