Man Builds An Enormous 300,000 Gallon Swimming Pool, Turning His Family Farm Into A Family Resort

How To by Julia Lynn Rubin on 07/14/2017

Jerry and Marina Leussink wanted to make their family farm in Alberta, Canada the ultimate go-to vacation spot. With a bit of planning and a lot of hard work, Jerry was able to successfully install a massive, 1.2 million liter pool. In some areas, the pool 14 feet deep, and there are also shallow sections for children to enjoy.

The Leussinks built the enormous family pool back in 2013, and now use their farm as a family resort of sorts. In addition to a shallow end, the “kid’s section” of the pool also boasts a 30-millimeter poly liner to keep the children safe as they swim and play.

To clean their pool, Jerry and Marina use chlorine and regularly rotate the pool water with a large pumping system. Other fun features include solar lights for night swimming, and the ability to use boats in the 90 x 70 foot structure.

(H/T: Wide Open Country)

Would you want a massive pool like this for your family?

Source: YouTube
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