Looking for a Perfect Cuddly Pillow Chair This Winter? The LoveSac Is Just That.

Life by Julia Tilford on 11/13/2017

The bean bag chair has been uncool for quite some time, mostly because it’s not super comfortable, it isn’t easy to wash, and it’s kinda weird looking. However, if you’ve ever found yourself missing the freedom of sitting in one of these pillow chairs, there’s a newer, better option for you. Meet the bean bag’s much more practical descendant: the LoveSac.

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This chair is comfortable, chic, and cozy. It looks like a pillow and feels like a dream. Though expensive ($1300 for the Big One), this chair is worth every pretty penny since it does everything a bean bag chair couldn’t do and it’ll make you never want to get out of it. Ever.

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Still, most people can’t afford this option, which is why there are other versions of the pillow chair that can still bring you joy. The Jaxx Cocoon is only $229 while the Big Joe XXL Bean Bag Chair is only $179. Looking for an excuse not to leave the house this holiday season? You’ve found it.

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