Little Girl Wears 1950 Vintage Dress for First Day of Kindergarten Made by Great-Grandma 67 Years Ago

Life by Melissa Castellanos on 09/12/2017

Back-to-school season is upon us and while many kids dread having to say goodbye to summer, it’s an exciting time to buy new supplies, a new wardrobe, and to pick out that memorable first day of school outfit. For one little girl, she had something extra special to wear to kindergarten that would be the envy of all her little friends – a timeless, vintage dress circa 1950.

For the past 67 years, it’s been a family tradition for Jenny Hirt’s family members to have worn the same yellow and purple ruffled dress. The precious “frock” was handmade by Jenny’s great-grandmother and grandmother for her aunt. Ever since these treasured women made the dress, it’s been a tradition for all the girls to wear it once!

In the beautiful display of the past-meets-modernity, Jenny was the fifth girl to wear the dress and her daughter, Caroline, was the eighteenth person to wear it for her first day of kindergarten. Despite a few holes that needed to be patched and a sleeve that had to be reattached, the dress looks adorable and good as new, but the story of the past it tells is truly priceless!

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