Kind Man Attempts To Return Squirrel Back To The Wild, But His Good Deed Goes Horribly Wrong

by Melissa Castellanos Published Jan 12, 2018

While it’s hard to report on anything distressing, especially when it comes to humans or animals, many can learn from a viral video of an attempt to release a squirrel back into the wild that went horribly wrong. A kind man attempted to do the right thing and release a cute little squirrel back into the forest, but he didn’t take other factors into consideration when doing so.

The man gently pets and strokes the little fella and helps him muster up the courage to reconnect with his natural habitat and climb up the tree. The man is being filmed by what sounds like a sweet woman who says: “Look at the camera and say goodbye, Hoss,” he tells the squirrel. “Go up the tree.”

Then as the reluctant, furry little friend finally lets go and grabs onto the tree, an awful, “nature is brutal twist ending” occurs. The video is indeed upsetting if you are an animal lover, but should be a lesson for all…

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