‘I Want to Play!’ ‘Rally Cat’ Interrupts Major League Baseball Game and the Crowd Goes Wild!

Animals by Melissa Castellanos on 08/11/2017

Cats should be able to play baseball too! One feisty feline dubbed “Rally Cat” feels this way and made his point by disrupting a Major League Baseball game by escaping onto the field. The fans loved every minute of it!

At that moment in the game you could cut the tension with a knife at Busch Stadium as the St. Louis Cardinals faced off against the Kansas City Royals. In the bottom of the sixth, the Cardinals had the bases loaded, when suddenly a furry frenzy happened! A bold cat ran onto the green!

The good-humored crowd went wild as the small brown cat, a.k.a. “Rally Cat” cuddled up to center fielder Lorenzo Cain, then scampered toward the stands. Meanwhile a stadium employee had the rough task of chasing down the cat. The poor employee got a battle scar when the cat scratched his hand. The disruptive “Rally Cat,” who has since gone missing, has also become an Internet sensation.


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