Hurricane Irma Causes ‘Rare Phenomenon’ That Leaves Long Island, Bahamas’ Beach Looking Like a Desert with Shells

News by Melissa Castellanos on 09/11/2017

When you think of the Bahamas, you picture crystal blue water, soft sands and a tropical cocktail by your side. However, if you saw the beach on Long Island, Bahamas after Hurricane Irma swept through it, you’d be shocked – but you’d still need that cocktail!

Residents captured footage of a “rare phenomenon” caused by Hurricane Irma that left the beach bone-dry with large shells scattered about and empty boat anchors as remnants of a previously thriving sea-side. The Bahamas shoreline reportedly receded much father than normal, exposing the ocean floor. One Long Island, Bahamas reside tweeted: “I am in disbelief right now… the ocean water is missing!”

According to meteorologist, Angela Fritz, this may be a result of a “hurricane bulge,” which occurs when the pressure is very low in the center of the storm and it draws water upward into itself. In other words, Hurricane Irma’s massive strength is “pulling water into its core, sucking it away from the ocean.” Not to be confused with a tsunami, the water is likely to return on Sunday.

Source: YouTube
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