Homeless Vet Who Helped Stranded Woman Buys Home After Almost $400K Raised

Life by Melissa Castellanos on 12/07/2017

Sometimes we find ourselves stranded in life, whether our car runs out of gas, we get a flat tire, or our phone runs out of juice. For others, they are “stranded” in what may seem like a hopeless situation, such as being a homeless veteran who is living on the streets. This was the case for two “stranded” people whose paths in life crossed in the most compassionate of ways.

Homeless Marine Corps veteran, Johnny Bobbitt, 34, helped Kate McClure who was stranded on Interstate 95 when she ran out of gas on her way to Philadelphia. Bobbitt told McClure to lock her car doors and then he returned with a can of gas. He paid for the gas with the last $20 he collected while panhandling.

McClure and her boyfriend wanted to pay it forward, so they started a GoFundMe page and raised $397,769 for Bobbitt. Using the generous funds, Bobbitt bought a home and hopes to buy his “dream truck” (a 1999 Ford Ranger), and pay it forward again by donating to organizations that helped him in his time of need. “The feeling is indescribable and it all thanks to the support and generosity that each and every one of you has shown,” Bobbitt wrote. “I’ll continue to thank you every single day for the rest of my life.”

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