Homeless Child Sits Alone Begging on City Street, Everyone Passes her by Until This Unexpected Savior Stops to Help

Life by Melissa Castellanos on 09/12/2017

Homelessness is heartbreaking enough to endure as an adult, but imagine if it were a homeless child who was more vulnerable, alone and sitting on a busy, city street in the freezing cold. The image is absolutely heartbreaking when you hear of it, but what if you actually saw it right in front of your own eyes, on your way to work, or running errands? Would you stop to help?

This was the heart-wrenching scenario set up by RobbyTV on YouTube. The producers wanted to see if anyone would go out of their way to help. So they had Laila sit on a bustling city street, holding a sign that read: “Homeless and hungry. Please help.”

While many strangers passed her by, some gave her change and one woman stopped to ask if she was ‘OK,’ but carried on with her day. Then the most unexpected stranger appeared, a homeless woman who brought her food and $20 even though she didn’t have enough herself…

Source: YouTube
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