Gut-Check on Humanity: Woman Witnesses Blind Man Get Robbed and Springs into Action

Life by Melissa Castellanos on 10/11/2017

Navigating the urban jungle of New York City is hard enough as it is, between the subways, the bustling streets and the constant noise, but imagine if you were blind. While many people are kind to help someone with a disability by opening a door or assisting in some way, there are heartless people among us who don’t have a conscience and take advantage of the situation.

So when ABC News’ John Quinones came to town to film an episode of “What Would You Do?” he got a temperature gage on Astoria, Queens residents to see if they would step up to the plate and help. The scenario he set up was a blind man getting robbed by a woman at a coffee shop. The woman who is really an actress “counts” the blind man’s money and tells him that his $20 bills are $1 bills and she pockets the rest of his money.

It’s fascinating to see how each individual reacts to the sticky situation. While some are more direct, others have a harder time speaking up. Ultimately, the test reaffirms that people tend to do the right thing.

Source: YouTube

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