Grandma Has A Stroke While Driving, So Little Granddaughter Takes The Wheel And Grandson Shifts Gears…

by Melissa Castellanos Published Jan 12, 2018

In what was supposed to be a simple and smooth drive to grab a bite to eat with their Grandma, turned into a harrowing situation for two young grandkids, Darrell and his younger sister, Ahnlyse. As their Grandma was driving they noticed something strange – she began to “doze off” at the wheel! In reality, their beloved Grandma was having a stroke!

The quick-thinking, 8-year-old Darrell knew something was wrong and jumped into action. He Googled how to drive a stick-shift car (even though it was automatic) and had his little sister jump into his Grandma’s lap and take the wheel! As traffic and frustration built up behind them and horns honked, Ahnlyse used her feet to press on the gas pedal.

Miraculously, theses brave and intelligent grandkids handled the terrifying situation calmly and drove their Grandma’s car into the parking lot of a hotel! They saved their own lives and their Grandma’s. Watch how their community honored these two amazing kids!



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