Girl Surprised With New Puppy From Boyfriend, But There’s A Special Message On The Name Tag That Has Her In Tears!

Animals by Julia Lynn Rubin on 08/10/2017

As if getting a brand new puppy weren’t adorable enough, one lucky young woman also received a marriage proposal to go along with it! Shane Moffis from Alaska decided to surprise his girlfriend, Shelby Turner, with a puppy and a very special message attached to the pooch’s name tag.

After Shelby was handed her eight-week-old Labrador puppy named Sitka, Shane kept encouraging her to read the puppy’s name tag. It turns out that the tag held a wedding ring.  As soon as Shelby saw it, she burst into tears. Shane got down on one knee and proposed to her as she held their new dog!

“I am shocked that he got the ring that I designed in my head,” she told Huffington Post. The beautiful couple were wed on June 30, 2016, and little Sitka came along for the ride.

(H/T: Shareably)

Source: YouTube

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