‘Frog’ The Hoppy Rooster Greets His Big Sister At School Bus Stop Every Day!

by Melissa Castellanos Published Jan 12, 2018

When 13-year-old Savannah goes to school and gets off the bus, she is not alone. Instead, she is lovingly walked (or in this case hopped along) to her bus stop by an adorable feathery fella named Frog. He’s the most unconventional and lovable rooster who likes to socialize with humans, watch TV and hop along while his human brother and sister do their daily chores.

According to Holley Burns, Savannah’s mother: “He (Frog) will stay with her at the end of the driveway until she gets on the bus. He will then just come back and do his adventures with us and our daily routines until it’s time to meet her when she gets home.” It’s a precious sight to see Frog run as fast as his tiny legs and feathery little feet will take him to the bus stop.

Savannah, who Holley calls “an animal whisperer” and Frog, who loves to hang out on Savannah’s shoulder all day, are truly an inseparable duo. When his pal is in school, Frog also has another bud, Casper the dog, who was abandoned at a McDonald’s parking lot and rescued by the Burns family. The two became loyal friends when Frog helped calm Casper down during a storm by laying next to him until it was over. Watch this precious rooster greet his big sis at the bus stop…


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