Fisherman’s Boat Capsizes and his Beloved Dog, Jack Is Lost at Sea, Then a Rescuer Discovers him Hiding Inside!

Animals by Melissa Castellanos on 09/12/2017

It was routine as usual for a fisherman and his second mate, Jack the dog, who were headed out to sea off the Australian coast to get the catch of the day. Little did the nautical duo know that it would suddenly face rough seas that would capsize its boat and send Jack overboard!

There was nothing that the fisherman could do to stop the boat from capsizing, or from having his precious Jack fall out and be lost at sea. Sadly, the heartbroken fisherman believed that his beloved Jack was gone forever. When the water police towed the fisherman’s boat back to shore, he had to succumb to the fact that Jack had drowned.

Then suddenly, the rescuers realized that the boat wasn’t empty after all and that the adorable little dog was hiding inside of it! He was clinging onto dear life the entire time! The fisherman joyed for joy like a little kid and comforted his sweet Jack. Their reunion will certainly tug at your heartstrings!

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