Everyone Evacuates, But This Man Stays Behind to Protect Animals from Wildfires – and His Weapon Is a Garden Hose

by Melissa Castellanos Published Oct 11, 2017

There are animal lovers – and then there are ANIMAL LOVERS who risk their own lives to protect them. Peter Lang, 77, an employee at the Safari West Park and animal preserve in Santa Rosa, Calif., is one of these brave souls who stayed behind to protect the animals from the blazing wildfires.

While every employee evacuated, Peter refused to leave the animals alone and to possibly perish in the wildfires. As the outskirts of the park and animal preserve went up in flames, Peter only had a garden hose to fend off the scorching flames from getting near the animals.

Thankfully, Peter was steadfast in his compassionate efforts and miraculously didn’t lose one animal to the wildfires. Yet while he was saving the animals, he lost everything. Sadly, Peter’s home and all of his belongings caught fire. With tears in his eyes, he said the loss is “tough,” but his strong spirit will prevail. For now, he says he’s “just getting through the day.”



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