Doctors Warn Music Lovers That Excessive Headphone Use Can Cause Blackheads in Your Ears

Life by Melissa Castellanos on 11/13/2017

If you love to jam out to music on your headphones while commuting to work, burning calories, or when shutting out the rest of the world for a bit, then you should listen to this doctors’ warning. If you wear your headphones for too long, you could get disgusting blackheads inside of your ears! Gross!

While most of us are familiar with blackheads on noses and chins, blackheads can also wreak havoc inside of your ears. While it’s absolutely disgusting, people are strangely addicted to watching gross videos. Case in point, is this ear-blackhead removal video that has also gone viral.

According to “The Doctors,” the outer part of our ears has “a lot of the same sebaceous glands as our noses and chins do. Those glands secret a lot of oil, which can cause blackheads.” However, certain habits, such as wearing your headphones for too long, not cleaning your ears or earbuds properly can increase one’s chances of getting blackheads in the ears.

Source: YouTube
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