Diver Saves Whale in Distress Who ‘Motioned’ for Help and the Mammal’s Thank You Is Breathtaking

Animals by Melissa Castellanos on 08/11/2017

Whales are incredibly massive creatures of the sea, but that doesn’t mean they can’t ‘get by with a little help from their friends.’ James Moskito, a professional diver, who was working off the coast of San Francisco with a team of volunteers by the Fallon Islands, was one of those friends.

Moskito noticed a humpback whale surfacing from the water that appeared to be in distress. The whale surfaced for way too long and her long, above-water stare “signaled” that she needed help. So, Moskito swam down towards the hurt whale, placed his hand on it and said: “I’m here to help you, I’m not going to hurt you.”

Moskito found a 3,000-pound anchor attached to the whale’s tail. Steadfast in his efforts, Moskito tried with all his might to free the whale from the one-mile line that entangled her. At last, he freed the enormous creature and he thanked him the most breathtaking way beneath the sea…

Source: YouTube

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