Dad Buys an Actual Wasp Nest on eBay, Then Cuts It Open and What He Finds Inside Is Wild…

by Melissa Castellanos Published Oct 11, 2017

You could say that a curious dad is fulfilling his childhood dreams as he’s “unsolving” mysteries with his son through their YouTube Channel called “What’s Inside.” The interesting YouTube channel is dedicated to just that – cutting open objects to see “what’s inside” as if it was a science project.

In the latest episode of “What’s Inside,” the hosts of the show, Dan and his son Lincoln (and also his friend Kai) find out “what’s inside” a wasp nest. While many wouldn’t be crazy enough to want to actually venture inside of a wasp’s nest, the trio eagerly does!

Dad Dan purchased the wasp’s nest for $30.00 on eBay (yes really!) and it was sent from Wisconsin. “Who knew you could buy a wasp’s nest on eBay,” he points out. Then he contemplates if he should open the box in the house,  carefully opens the box and pulls out a huge, basket-ball sized wasp nest! Watch the two fascinated (and a bit grossed out) boys and dad discover “what’s inside…”



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