Cuddly Baby Horse Catches Rider Off-Guard When She Scoops in for a Major Snuggle

by Melissa Castellanos Published Oct 11, 2017

‘There’s nothing like snuggling up to Sunny!’ That’s what one baby horse was thinking when she did the unexpected and cuddled up to horse rider, Sunny Bayne of Kentucky. The lovable new foal is going viral for her absolutely adorable snuggle fest!

When it comes to puppies, kittens or bunnies, snuggling seems second nature, but for baby horses it’s not as common to see such an urge to cuddle. Luckily, a fellow horse lover was able to capture Sunny and the baby horse’s tender interaction. Sunny soaks up the sweetness as she realizes that once the baby horse starts to grow up, she won’t have her guard down like this.

The baby horse is so cute that she gently knocks Sunny to the ground with her cuddles! She gently rubs her face against Sunny’s and relishes in the close contact. Sunny can’t help but laugh as the baby horse is sprawled out on top of her! Check out this truly precious moment…



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