Care Home Worker Accused of Abusing 78-Year-Old Woman With Dementia By Spraying Aerosol Into Her Mouth

Life by Julia Lynn Rubin on 07/14/2017

Susan Draper, a former bupa home care worker at Perry Locks Care Home in Birmingham, UK, was convicted of ill treatment of an elderly widow. She was filmed on a spy camera verbally assaulting Betty Boylan, 78, before twice spraying Aerosol into her mouth. Betty begged her to stop, but Susan was caught saying that it was “better than poo,” then used flannel to wipe her mouth as the elderly woman gargled.

Betty is an extremely vulnerable patient, as she is immobile and incontinent. But she keeps in good spirits, as her family visits her three times a day. Last August, however, the family discovered strange bruising on Betty, so they set up a hidden camera. They were horrified to watch Susan Draper use body spray to mask the way Betty smells instead of regularly checking up on her to see if she’s had a bowel movement.

Susan had worked at the home for 17 years, and claimed that she had not intended to harm Betty.

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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