Cancer Survivor Was Told Having a Baby Was Impossible, So She Adopted, Then the ‘Impossible’ Happened…

Parenting by Melissa Castellanos on 08/10/2017

Five years ago, Aly Taylor of Louisiana was treated for stage 3 beast cancer. While she was on a mission of survival, motherhood became a distant dream – and according to doctors an impossibility.

She was 24 years old at the time and trying to get pregnant when she received the tough diagnosis. Following a double mastectomy and chemotherapy, doctors also told her and her husband, Josh, that radiation treatment had made her unable to conceive. That’s when the couple decided to turn to adoption.

In 2015, the couple, who are featured on the TLC show “Rattled,” adopted a baby girl named Genevieve. Then life threw them yet another a curve ball – the impossible happened! Aly was pregnant! Then she received a call from Genevieve’s biological mom who said she was pregnant again! She was about to give birth to another baby girl! Find out what happened next…

Source: YouTube

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