After a Decade of Drought, a Drone Captures Spectacular Footage Inside a Hole in California Lake

Life by Melissa Castellanos on 07/15/2017

Let it rain! After a severe drought that swept California for five years, rain and snow blessed the Sierra Nevada mountain range and Northern California. As a result arid lakes and reservoirs finally filled to capacity and revived their beauty.

The normally picturesque Napa County was especially thirsty and welcomed the rainfall with ‘open arms.’ One of its gorgeous gems, Lake Berryessa, the seventh largest man-made lake in California also filled up again and it was a sight to see! Beside a 304-foot dam, Lake Berryessa is reportedly famous for its “Glory Hole” spillway, a real wonder to witness.

It’s so cool that YouTube user Evan K decided to capture the inside of its funnel with his drone. The impressive footage captures the massive 72 foot wide hole that narrows down to 28 feet where the water eventually drains into Putah Creek. Transport yourself to Napa and take the beautiful journey inside!

Source: YouTube
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