A ‘Hairy’ Situation:’ Some Beards Are as Dirty as Toilets, Study Finds

Life by Melissa Castellanos on 08/11/2017

If a man has a beard than he’s considered ‘manly’ and ‘burly’ and attractive to women, but what if women knew how dirty they can be? Some are apparently dirtier than a toilet! Now do you want to cozy up to that beard?

A few candid men allowed Action 7 News to swab their beards to get down to the nitty gritty of the ‘hairy situation.’ Quest Diagnostics microbiologist John Golobic tested the swabs of a handful of he was shocked by the results. “I’m usually not surprised and I was surprised by this,” Golobic said.

If this was water tested at a location in the city, the establishment would have to be shut down! What can bearded men do to clean up? Golobic recommends “a thorough beard scrubbing and lots of hand-washing.” Also lay off touching your beard! By keeping your hands away your from your face, your chances are better!

Source: YouTube

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