81-Year-Old Veteran Is Crushed When Caregiver Kicks Him Out Of Home And Moves Her Family In

by Melissa Castellanos Published Jan 12, 2018

A great injustice is being served to an 81-year-old devoted U.S. Army vet who has served his country and has done right by others as a civilian. Meet Don Cameron, an elderly US Army veteran. He has suffered from several health issues, and has lived with his wife up until now as she suffers from Alzheimer’s and is now in a nursing home.

Don trusted a home health aide named Melissa Miller, to provide him care, but she horribly took advantage of him. She convinced him that she and her family needed a place to stay. Don agreed and she, her husband, six children and pets moved in – that’s when the worst happened. Melissa also convinced Don to give her the power of attorney and then she and her family rang up thousands of dollars on his credit cards.

Don’s bills and utilities went unpaid and began piling up. He then suffered a heart attack, and upon his return home, he says the Millers refused to provide care for him and claimed the house was no longer safe for him. They reportedly dropped him and his pets off at another apartment without a bed or food. “They’ve stripped everything from this man,” his heartbroken stepdaughter, Nadine said “He worked for this his whole life… it’s gone.” Find out what attempts are being made to help him get it all back…



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