8-Year-Old Formerly Homeless Boy From Detroit Bursts Into Tears When He Sees His Very Own Bed

by Julia Lynn Rubin Published Jan 12, 2018

Daeyrs and his mother Dionna spent years living in various homeless shelters around Detroit after Dionna lost her job as a nurse trainee. After moving into state housing, all they owned was a blowup mattress and a couple of chairs. Daeyrs slept on blankets on the floor.

A social worker handling their case contacted Humble Design, and the charitable organization offered to furnish their entire home. For the first time, Daeyrs, who considers himself the “man of the house,” got his own fully-furnished room complete with art, toys, chairs, cushions, and best of all, his own bed.

Upon seeing his new room, Daeyrs burst into happy tears. “Seeing how much having a bed and his own room meant to Daeyrs, it really made me realise what’s important in life and grateful for everything I have,” said Humble Design’s Treger Strasberg, who oversaw the project.

( H/T dailymail.co.uk )



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