4-Year-Old Girl With Rare Disorder Was Given Less Than A Year To Live, But She’s Defied The Odds!

Parenting by Julia Lynn Rubin on 08/10/2017

Everyone told Ryan and Candace Burr that their daughter, Brielle, would never live to see her first birthday. Brielle was born with a rare disorder called Beare Stevenson syndrome, which “causes premature fusing of the skull, blockage of the nasal passages, brain growth issues and a furrowed appearance.”

Fewer than 25 people worldwide are known to have this syndrome, and most infants with the condition die within the first few months. But four years after her diagnosis, Brielle has defied the odds. “In spite of all her challenges, Brielle has shown feistiness and spirit from the very beginning,” mom Candace told PEOPLE. “Her positive attitude helps everyone who meets her to realize that they have nothing to be negative about.”

Brielle depends on oxygen, a ventilator and a feeding tube, and she rarely leaves the neighborhood. But frequent surgeries and plenty of attention and love have helped her beat the odds!



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