22-Year-Old Woman Suffers From A Rare Disorder That Makes Her Allergic To Nearly Everything

by Julia Lynn Rubin Published Jan 12, 2018

Twenty-two-year-old Natasha Coates of Nottingham, UK has a rare and serious condition called Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS), causing severe allergic-like reactions to everything from certain foods to different temperatures.

“Mast Cells, which live in your bone marrow and surround all your major organs are responsible for releasing things such as histamine,” she told Barcroft TV. “The cells in my body react inappropriately. So for example, if I eat something that I am slightly allergic to it releases too much of the chemical. Reactions can vary. They can be anything from just feeling under the weather, itchy, very tired or they can be life-threatening like tongue and throat swelling.”

Hair causes her scalp to blister, so she shaves her head. Tears cause a rash down her face, and certain foods can be deadly. “I am allergic to everything,” she said. “I am not able to do most things most 22-year-olds do.”

( H/T barcroft.tv )


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