Teen Hero Babysitter Saves Her 4-Year-Old Niece When Stranger Kicks In Door

Parenting by Bridget Fitzgerald on 03/09/2017

This 14 year old babysitter deserves a trophy. Savannah Jones was babysitting her 4-year-old niece Zoyee at Savannah’s family’s home in Montclair, California on Tuesday afternoon when a man appeared at the door around three thirty in the afternoon. Savannah looked at him through the peephole, then trusted her gut and grabbed the baby, running upstairs to hide in a bathroom. Good thing – because the strange man then kicked in the door. Savannah called her mom Maria Muratalla to come home, who in turn phoned a neighbor as well as 9-1-1. Hear more on this young teen hero in the video below.

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